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Logo: NHS East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub

About Us

The Hub provides member Trusts with strategic purchasing support, procurement expertise and commercial skills. We are based in the East of England and our core membership comes from this area. However, as part of the NHS Commercial Alliance, we work closely with a large number of NHS Trusts from other parts of country, including all Ambulance Service Trusts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as individual and groups of NHS Trusts as far afield as the Midlands and the South West of England. We also work with other public sector organisations, such as local councils and some of our newer frameworks are open to public sector customers outside the NHS. The organisation supports the procurement needs of other Providers and Commissioners and offers a range of services including:

Aggregated collaborative procurement of clinical and non-clinical goods and services

- Contract Management

- Clinical Procurement support

- Pharmacy projects

- Procurement support for Commissioners

- Service frameworks

- Value added services

- E-enablement and communications

Who we are

We are collectively owned by our shareholders, hosted by a Trust and formal accountability is to the shareholder-elected Supervisory Board. Over £100 million has been saved for member Trusts since the Hub was set up in 2007. The Hub is a-not-for-profit organisation and only seeks to recover its operational overheads.

What we do

We deliver tangible cash releasing savings that can be re-invested locally. We work with stakeholders to deliver value through procurement and help our members achieve system efficiencies, reduce clinical risk, improve the quality of patient care, support sustainability and drive innovation.




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