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Corporate Services

The Hub's Corporate Services team supports our members at local, regional and national levels, ensuring compliance with legislation, professional regulations and best practice requirements such as statutory audit, counter fraud services and clinical managed services. 

The Corporate Services portfolio encompasses wide ranging, complex services including governance, coaching, leadership, organisational growth and patient care pathway development, assisting individual organisations and collaborations between health, social care and the wider sphere of NHS service providers.  

Our solutions are designed to help our members understand and deliver against goals and improvements outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan, along with other short to medium term healthcare improvements, thus keeping members well informed and supported.

Frameworks and dynamic services included in the Corporate Services offering are ideal for individual and wider scale contracting and collaboration.  These include neutral vendor, clinical managed services such as heart and lung reporting, maxillofacial, dermatology, teleradiology reporting and specialist non-emergency patient transport services and courier and warehousing services.

The Hub can also provide expert support resources to help ICSs, ICBs and other member collaboration initiatives achieve best in class outcomes.

Contact our Corporate Services team to find our how they can support your organisation: corporate.services@eoecph.nhs.uk