NHS Workforce Alliance website launch
20 November 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated NHS Workforce Alliance website at workforcealliance.nhs.uk

The site has been designed to make information about our frameworks and services easily accessible for both customers and suppliers in one central place. We want to provide you with an easier way to learn about the NHS Workforce Alliance and to easily navigate information about how we work and our portfolio of frameworks, as well as our latest news and case studies. 

We hope you like the new website. We will be continuing to develop the site to ensure it meets your needs, so if you have any feedback please contact your local alliance partner or fill in our online form. 

This is a printable version of https://www.eoecph.nhs.uk/?LocID=0d6new091&RefLocID=0d6012&Lang=EN&htm=&pr=