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East of England NHS
Collaborative Procurement Hub


The Hub is an award-winning, not-for-profit NHS organisation which provides member trusts and publicly-funded bodies with strategic purchasing support and specialist knowledge across the entire health economy.

Our aim is to help members to reduce risk whilst improving the quality and efficiency of patient care and driving healthcare innovation. The Hub assists members to navigate through the changing procurement landscape, delivering cash-releasing savings and added-value benefits that can be seen throughout entire organisations.


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  • Data to drive better outcomes in workforce management

    Data to drive better outcomes in workforce management

    Hub members have access to insightful business intelligence and analysis re Workforce procurement thanks to the NHS Workforce Alliance's new data reporting suite.  Read on to discover how this could help your organisation.

  • Sustainability support for Pharmacy

    Sustainability support for Pharmacy

    To understand issues around sustainability and social value (SSV) and help to collaboratively solve them, the Hub's Pharmacy team is proactively engaging with suppliers and NHS colleagues across the region.