Wound Imaging

The East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub’s Wound Imaging Solutions framework supports the procurement of wound assessment and wound monitoring systems with devices or digital aids used in the measurement, imaging and documentation of wounds.

Wound Imaging Solutions framework

Contract Start:  2 January 2024 (1 year + 3 extensions)

FTS Reference: 2023/S 000-036363

This national agreement is available to Hub members, members of the collaborative partner hubs of NHS Procurement in Partnership* (NHS PiP) and the wider NHS.  It is free to access for publicly funded organisations. 

Contact us

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please contact:

Procurement Specialist David Olusanya David.olusanya@eoecph.nhs.uk.

About the framework

These innovative tech wound imaging solutions can be used in a variety of clinical settings (clinics, inpatient wards, medical assessment units, emergency departments, etc) as well as in a patient’s home.  Health professionals who might use them include:

  • community nurses
  • health care assistants
  • tissue viability nurses
  • nurse consultants
  • consultants
  • GPs
  • practice nurses
  • podiatrists.

 These diagnostic and imaging services can be particularly useful for:

  • leg ulcers
  • diabetic foot care
  • stoma care
  • dermatology
  • injuries and burns.

The digital devices have Electronic Patient Record (EPR) software integration and capture 2D or 3D images.  Some have thermal imaging.

These devices can capture images measuring the width, length and depth of any type of wound. The images can be used to measure the progress or deterioration of the healing process.  This is useful in situations where multiple clinical staff are involved with the ongoing care of a patient where diagnosis can be subjective. The images can be applied to the patient’s Electronic Patient Record and can be used in consultations with the multi-disciplinary team.

Contract benefits

  • potential for the service to go to the patient instead of the patient travelling to hospital
  • Offers trusts a choice of providers without having to go to market
  • comparison tool identifying the suppliers and products awarded under the framework
  • innovative pricing discounts from awarded suppliers
  • clinical data capture at the point of care for wound care assessment, enabling access to innovative technology for clinicians
  • competition among suppliers is likely to offer trusts better value without compromising patient care thus helping to enhance the quality of care to patients
  • opportunity to facilitate further competitions with the potential to realise further savings against specific requirements
  • Associate membership is available to any publicly funded bodies (including those not already full or pharmacy members of this Hub) by signing the framework customer access agreement.

Scope of Services 

The framework has been divided into two lots:

Lot 1   3D Wound Imaging Solutions

Lot 2   2D Wound Imaging Solutions

Trusts have the option to choose a one-off purchase or lease.  Please see the table below for details:

Lot Aranz Medical Limited Healthy IO Imito Limited
Lot 1 - One-off purchase Yes Yes Yes
Lot 1 - Leasing Yes Yes
Lot 2 - One-off purchase Yes Yes Yes
Lot 2 - Leasing Yes Yes



Aranz Medical Limited

Health IO

Imito Ltd


The use of technology in the delivery of care is a key element in the NHS Long Term Plan.

The NHS spends about £5 billion per year on managing wounds and carrying out more than 40 million patient visits (Lord Carter Review - Guest, 2020, et al).  Currently, most trusts do not capture wound imaging information.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please contact:  david.olusanya@eoecph.nhs.uk.

*NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP) is the collaboration between four NHS procurement hubs - NHS Commercial Solutions, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, NHS London Procurement Partnership and NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative.

Members' Resources for Wound Imaging Solutions framework 

Silhouette - case studies

To download Silhouette case studies and publications, please see Entec Health's website.  Based in Surrey, Entec Health is an appointed distributor of the Silhouette digital wound assessment and data management solution, in the UK and Europe.  Silhouette is developed and manufactured by one of the suppliers on our framework, ARANZ Medical, a New Zealand medical imaging and informatics company.

Silhouette - videos from Entec Health:

Digital imaging for diabetic foot ulcer

Silhouette home user app wound care telehealth solution

Digital skin and wound assessment portfolio - gallery of demonstration videos 

Silhouette - a digital enabler for wound care transformation

For a presentation by ARANZ Medical Ltd, a supplier on our framework, please see the PDF: Silhouette - a digital enabler for wound care transformationIt gives an overview of the Silhouette solution as a technology enabler for transforming wound care practice and new models of care.  By clicking the link in slide 8, you can access a series of their demonstration videos.  The presentation features the new point of care data capture options available:

  • Silhouette Home User App for secure patient and carer imaging, to support self care models of care
  • SilhouetteMobile 2D/ 3D cloud solution, accessed via android and iOS devices.

Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust - Outcomes of digital MDFT

For a presentation given by Doreen Bunting, Clinical Lead Podiatrist, Derbyshire Community Health Services Trust, please see the PDF: Outcomes of a digital wound imaging and data management system for the integration of community and secondary care multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinics.

RCNi Webinar - Inspiring Practical Improvement in Wound Care

To view a recording of this ARANZ Medical Ltd sponsored webinar (held in September 2022), please visit RCNi's website.  It includes presentations and a panel discussion consisting of NWCSP, Eastern AHSN, an NHS Community TVN Consultant and industry.  Dr Bruce Davey, CEO, ARANZ Medical Ltd was invited to participate in the panel discussion.

BMJ Open publication - Health economic burden that wounds impose on the National Health Service in the UK (2015)

by: Julian F Guest, Nadia Ayoub, Tracey McIlwraith, Ljeoma Uchegbu, Alyson Gerrish, Diana Weidlich, Kathryn Vowden and Peter Vowden.

This article, published in 2015, aims to estimate the prevalence of wounds managed by the NHS (2012/2013) and the annual levels of healthcare resource use attributable to their management and corresponding costs.  To view the article, visit US government website PubMed.

BMJ Open publication - Cohort Study evaluating the burden of wounds to the UK's National Health Service in 2017/2018: update from 2012/2013

by: Julian F Guest, Graham W Fuller and Peter Vowden.

The objective of the study, published in 2022, was to evaluate the prevalence of wounds managed by the NHS in 2017/2018 and associated health outcomes, resource use and costs.  To read the article, visit US government website PubMed.

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