Logo: NHS East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub


The Hub’s dedicated team works across the East of England region to help manage workforce, agency and recruitment issues faced by our member Trusts. Our aim is to reduce the escalating costs of staffing by working collaboratively in the market to deliver quality services and support.

Our Workforce team maintains a close relationship with NHS Improvement, ensuring that Trusts’ interests are heard and recognised in any subsequent strategic decisions. Our support offering includes:

  • Establishing and running regional stakeholder sessions to understand challenges and opportunities
  • Support in negotiating with suppliers on all workforce areas
  • Support in assembling and running regional/sub regional Preferred Supplier Lists
  • Data gathering and analysis to enable considered best value procurement decisions
  • Intervention with key suppliers around e-rostering
  • Regional and local support for Trusts in rolling out bank solutions
  • Monthly reporting


National Clinical Staffing Framework

The Hub, in partnership with the three other regional NHS procurement hubs, owns and operates the National Clinical Staffing Framework. This framework was built in close consultation with Trusts, supplier agencies and NHS Improvement.

All agencies included on the framework are audited on a regular basis, and failing suppliers can, and are, ultimately removed from the framework, ensuring Trusts have access to a trusted pool of suppliers and quality clinical staff.

Non-Medical Non-Clinical Staffing Framework

In line with the East of England strategy, the Hub supports member Trusts with their Non-Medical Non-Clinical (NMNC) staff.

The Hub’s Workforce team offers support to Trusts in determining their spend data and ensuring it is compliant with the CCS RM971 framework. The Hub also assists Trusts in transferring any spend with non-framework agencies to an approved framework provider.

International Recruitment


The Hub is pleased to announce that our Workforce team is working on an International Recruitment framework, due to be available to Trusts in Q3 of FY 18/19.

Working in partnership with the three other regional hubs, we have contributed to creating a new national International Healthcare Professionals Recruitment and Associated Services framework. Once the contract is live, the Hub will be available to support our Trusts, or collaborative clusters of Trusts, in commissioning recruitment campaigns.


We are working towards expanding our Workforce offering, and will continue to update on new developments.