Logo: NHS East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub


In response of the workforce issues encountered across the NHS, the Hub has a developed a Workforce team to help Trusts manage workforce, agency and recruitment issues.

Our support offering is expanding to incorporate:

  • National Clinical Staffing Framework support, including both temporary and permanent agency recruitment
  • Regional/local support for Trusts in rolling out bank solutions
  • Assisting Trusts in setting up non-medical, non-clinical contracts
  • Support in negotiating with suppliers on all workforce areas
  • Data gathering and analysis to enable considered best value procurement decisions
  • Regional support and training opportunities
  • Regional stakeholder sessions to understand challenges and opportunities


The Hub’s dedicated team is committed to work with Trusts to understand and resolve all workforce issues from software solutions to agency supplier management.

Working with so many local trusts, alongside information sharing with the national partners within CPP and the close working with regulators (NHS Improvement, HMRC), means the Hub retains a strategic overview on many workforce issues and associated solutions.

Trusts are encouraged to contact the team to discuss any issues, please email