StoMap Baseline Report

Executive Summary

In January 2019 the Secretary of State for Health issued The NHS Long Term Plan describing its ambition to review and restructure how we deliver healthcare to our nation’s diverse population with a more sustainable approach. The plan sets out its intentions of having a fully integrated community based health care system for people to receive healthcare and support closer to home with support from local healthcare systems and local authorities. Integrated Care Systems will become the level of the system where commissioners and providers will make shared decisions about financial planning and prioritisation of Integrated Care.

Stoma services and products are on the national NHS improvement agenda. NHS England commissioned a QIPP programme of work in the North of England specifically to look at how stoma care services are delivered while NHS Supply Chain are also looking at the procurement of stoma products in order to improve the management of patients’ ongoing stoma care and prescribing needs, while reducing spend on stoma appliances. The StoMap Programme will support the National Bladder and Bowel Health project and ensure that the East of England service development are aligned to the national direction.

The East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub is striving to support the national agenda through its StoMap Programme, introducing innovative procurement solutions and service redesign to support the implementation of sustainable service models for our customers. The StoMap Baseline Report outlines key findings from phase one of the StoMap Programme which was a market review for the East of England, to help inform stage 2 of the programme which will be the development of integrated pathways of care for ostomates across the region.

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