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Orthotics Framework Agreement

New Orthotics Framework Launched (May 2016)

NHS Trusts in the East of England spend around £2 million per year on orthotics products including ‘made to measure’ and adapted shoes, insoles and ankle foot orthosis, ‘off the shelf’  wrist braces, lumbar supports and other devices designed to support or correct the torso or limbs. 

Orthotic products

The region’s previous four-year orthotics framework agreement ended in April 2016 and the Hub identified significant savings opportunities for Trusts which could be achieved with a new contract. A substantial amount of work was carried out with good engagement from clinicians and stakeholders in order to deliver the new framework, which went live at the beginning of May 2016.

The framework agreement has been broken down into three Lots:

Lot 1 – Orthotics Consumables: This Lot includes over a dozen made to measure and 16 off the shelf categories with 41 providers in total.

Lot 2 – Orthotics Services: This Lot covers services as per the specification. Pricing is done on an hourly rate for the services of an Orthotist. Specific service level agreements should be discussed with the chosen supplier as part of the appointment process. If you wish to do a further-competition for services, or this specification does not meet your requirements, you should use Lot 3. There are 11 providers of services in total in Lot 2.

Lot 3 – Orthotics Managed Services: This Lot covers service provision which does not match the Lot 2 specification. This may include commitment on product spend, working in or with other departments, or incorporate provision of a management/administrative function as well as an Orthotist. This specification is to be adapted to suit local requirements. All suppliers on Lot 2 are to be included in further competitions.

The new framework was implemented in May 2016 and runs for two years with the option of two further one-year contract extensions up to the end of April 2020.

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