Strategic Partnerships

NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (NHS CPP) is the culmination of the collaborative working of four NHS procurement organisations: NHS Commercial Solutions, East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative and NHS London Procurement Partnership .

By joining forces, NHS CPP represents approximately 60% of NHS Trusts and influences between £6 billion and £7.5 billion of NHS non-pay spend.

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The NHS spends over £20 billion every year on goods and services, which typically accounts for around 30% of the operating costs of each hospital. Lord Carter’s 2015 review of NHS productivity and unwarranted variation in NHS hospitals suggested that there is around £1bilion in procurement savings to be made. The strategic vision in Lord Carter’s report emphasised the importance of collaboration to share information, resource and expertise in order to modernise NHS procurement.

The NHS CPP is testament to Lord Carter’s vision with its three successful frameworks: the award-winning Total Orthopaedic Solutions framework which has saved over £18 million for Trusts since its launch; the highly commended Total Cardiology Solutions which has revolutionised the marketplace for a full range of cardiology products; and most recently, the National Clinical Staffing framework covering Nursing, Medical Locums, Dental and AHP/HSS, which is one of the first NHS Improvement-accredited national frameworks.

Joint collaboration enables the NHS CPP to deploy the collective expertise of each organisation, facilitate aggregation, avoid unnecessary duplication and influence the market to change the procurement landscape to best effect for the NHS. Utilising its combined skills, specialisms and experience, the partnership works closely with NHS and clinical stakeholders to understand each of their needs and expectations, tailoring the approach and developing bespoke solutions to ensure all stakeholders benefit from collaboration, ensuring quality, cost and value.

For information about NHS CPP and the frameworks please contact your local Hub representative.


NHS Commercial Alliance

The NHS Commercial Alliance is the strategic partnership between The East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS Commercial Solutions, designed to improve service and delivery to member Trusts. 

The two organisations have forged strong working relationships, sharing expertise across a range of areas. The partnership offers significant benefits to all member Trusts across both geographic regions (East of England and South East Coast), with the potential to leverage greater purchasing power and better value.

The NHS Commercial Alliance provides a greater pool of expertise and support for a wider range of services that benefit each Hub’s member Trusts.


NHS Commercial Alliance Business Partners

The Commercial Alliance provides strategic procurement support to all the Ambulance Trusts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, ensuring maximum collaborative opportunities and value for money. 

Procurement specialists from the NHS Commercial Alliance work closely with ambulance Trust heads of procurement to deliver an annual work-plan designed to achieve significant cost savings over the life of the contract. 

The NHS Commercial Alliance also provides procurement support for NHS Trusts in South Central; South West and the East Midlands.

For more information, please contact Howard Rolfe at the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub at


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