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hiring We are hiring!

We’re looking for a Category Analyst to join us on a permanent contract to manage our ABI supplier data collection processes.

13 September 2021

hand washing Innovative ways to save on water through the Analysis and Reconciliation framework

ADSM, suppliers appointed to the Hub’s Analysis and Reconciliation framework under Lot 11, are working to support public organisations reduce water consumption and cost by 30%.

12 August 2021

homecare large Managing the Homecare market

Our Pharmacy team managed the Homecare market this summer when the second largest provider in the UK market was afflicted with an acute spike of Covid-19 cases, causing a significant pressure on staffing and service provision.

12 August 2021

A and R Government response to COS VAT reform consultation

CRS VAT Chartered Tax Advisors, providers on the Hub's Analysis and Reconciliation framework, have recently released guidance following the Government's response to the consultation on COS VAT reforms. 

29 July 2021

MRI Contrast Media and Barium Products framework retender

The ITT for the Contrast Media and Barium Products framework, which will replace the current framework, went live on 27 July. 

27 July 2021

doctor and patient hands Hub publishes PIN for Training and Development framework

We have published a PIN for a new Training and Development framework, which includes a lot on Patient Safety Incident Investigation developed in partnership with NHS England and NHS Improvement. 

09 July 2021

A and R Final opportunity to benefit from the 2017 Property and Business rating list

Members are reminded to engage with Lot 5 (Estates) of the Analysis and Reconciliation framework before the current Business and Property rating list expires in March 2022.

29 June 2021

maxillofacial Framework launch: Maxillofacial Oral Surgery Surplus Demand Clinical Services

The Hub is pleased to launch a framework to support our customers in meeting increasing demands and reducing waiting lists in the areas of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

18 June 2021

patient delivery DPS Launch: Specialist Pharmacy Courier Services Delivery to Patients

The Hub's Pharmacy team have launched a DPS for Specialist Pharmacy Courier Services Delivery to Patients, allowing trusts to access these services in a compliant and cost-effective manner.

28 May 2021

UV Framework launch: UV Infection Control

The Hub has developed a framework to meet the growing requirement for effective, safe and easy-to-use UV devices and isolation spaces.

06 May 2021

dermatology Webinar: Trends in Dermatology - How to Tackle the Demand and Capacity Challenge

Please join the Hub on 21 May for a webinar on tackling dermatology demand and capacity issues in the NHS.

05 May 2021

courier Framework launch: Transportation, Patients and Specialist Courier Services

We are pleased to launch a new framework to provide our customers with access to the provision of efficient and cost-effective courier and transportation services.

29 April 2021

Virtual Ward and Clinical Outpatients Services framework

On 15 March the Hub published a Prior Information Notice for pre-market engagement for a new framework. To read the details please visit Find a Tender service.

30 March 2021

Guidance on Domestic Reverse Charge for Construction Services in the NHS Released

CRS VAT Chartered Tax Advisors have recently released guidance on Domestic Reverse Charge for Construction Services in the NHS.

03 March 2021

Year in Review

Read about key work we progressed throughout 2020. 

04 January 2021

Long Term Plan: ICS Focus

The Long Term Plan outlines that on 1st April 2021, all NHS organisations will be part of an Integrated Care System.

23 December 2020

NHS Workforce Alliance website launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated NHS Workforce Alliance website at workforcealliance.nhs.uk

20 November 2020

A streamlined service for the recruitment of all clinical and healthcare staff

A new Clinical and Healthcare Staffing framework offered by the NHS Workforce Alliance has launched. The framework is an expansion of the Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) National Clinical Staffing and Crown commercial Service Multidisciplinary Temporary Healthcare Personnel frameworks which are due to expire in February 2021.

13 November 2020

NHS Workforce Alliance International Recruitment: Navigating the Journey webinar 3

Taking place on Thursday 12th November from 2.30 to 3.40pm the webinar will feature discussion on the immigration points system, visa policy and Brexit and other issues affecting international recruitment.

06 November 2020

International Recruitment Webinar 2: A Local Perspective

Following the announcement of £29 million of funding to support trusts with international recruitment, over 100 people attended the first NHS Workforce Alliance International Recruitment webinar on 1 October. Feedback has been really positive, and places are filling fast for the second webinar in this Autumn Series.

13 October 2020

Partnering to Deliver a Standardised National A&E Ambulance

The NHS Commercial Alliance, a partnership between the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS Commercial Solutions, is working with NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) as part of an innovative project to deliver the first national collaborative procurement of double-crewed ambulances. 

07 October 2020

Workforce Framework Extensions to 2023

We have recently issued extensions on two frameworks for the NHS Workforce Alliance – Non-Clinical, and Flexible Resource Pool. Both frameworks are now extended to July 2023.

05 October 2020

International Recruitment webinar 2: A local perspective

NHS England and NHS Improvement have announced £29m of funding to support trusts with international recruitment. NHS Workforce Alliance are hosting a series of three webinars. 

24 September 2020