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National Clinical Staffing Framework

 NHS CPP launches National Clinical Staffing Framework (2016)

The NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (NHS CPP) is a collaborative group which consists of the four NHS procurement Hubs, including the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, working together for the benefit of members and the wider health service.

Together we have gone to the market to procure an innovative new National Clinical Staffing Framework - comprehensive and free to access framework to meet all clinical staffing needs

The NHS CPP’s National Clinical Staffing Framework Agreement provides access to temporary and permanent staff for a wide range of clinical roles, eg:

  • Medical and Dental Staff  
  • Nursing and Midwifery  
  • Other clinical staff, including Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Staff  
  • Supply via a neutral vendor
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The framework provides access to a range of roles that are compliant with NHS Improvement pay and charge rate caps. All suppliers have been audited to ensure ability to comply with NHS pre-employment check standards.

The Hub’s dedicated team of agency staffing procurement specialists can help member Trusts with workforce management issues including e-working, staff bank and demand management.

A series of launch events took place around the country to support NHS organisations in using the framework.

Agency Nursing (Temporary and Permanent Staff)

The framework enables NHS organisations to source all nursing roles, including specialist posts. It provides the NHS and public sector organisations with access to a wide range of temporary and permanent nursing and health care assistant roles, from Band 2 through to Band 8. In addition, we have a framework in place for International Nursing Recruitment.

Medical and Dental Staff

The framework provides the NHS and public sector organisations with access to a wide range of temporary and permanent roles for doctors across a wide range of specialisms/grades, eg.

  • A&E - Associate Specialist; Anaesthetics - Clinical Assistant; Dental   Consultant; General Medicine - FY1 (PrHO); General Practitioner - FY2 (SHO); Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Hospital Practitioner; Paediatrics - ST1; Pathology - ST2; Psychiatry - ST3 (SPR); Radiology - Staff Grade; Surgical GP.

Other Clinical Staff including AHP/HSS

The framework give the NHS access to a wide range of temporary and permanent roles for other clinical staff including Allied Health Professionals and Health Science Services. It includes (but is not limited to) the following job roles:

  • Allied Health Professionals; Health Science Services; Dieticians; Biomedical Scientists; Occupational Therapists; Cytologists; Orthoptists; Dental Service Staff (excluding dental nurses); physiotherapists; Genetic Counsellors; Podiatrists;  Healthcare Scientists; Psychologists; Medical Technologists; Radiographers; Optometrists; Speech and Language Therapists; Pathologists; Pharmacy Services Staff.

Nursing – International Recruitment

The framework provides NHS Trusts and other public sector bodies with the means to recruit nursing and nursing related staff from overseas, from both EU and non-EU countries.

There are 19 agencies that have been successful in passing a process-audit tailored to the recruitment of staff from overseas and have exceeded the minimum score for quality related to managing of overseas recruitment.

The rate card indicates the introduction (commission) fee per candidate recruited with different bandings and different fees for EU and non-EU recruitment. The fees are inclusive of all recruitment costs excluding air fares and associated visa costs, and air fares for any members of the Contracting Authority who wish to travel to the country to take part in the recruitment procedure.


For more details about the National Clinical Staffing Framework, please either log in or sign up to the members’ pages on the “My LPP” website, using the link below. Once registered, please notify Chris Goody to grant you access to the shared workspace and the associated documents.

Click here to register or login to the My LPP website 

For help and support in using the framework or related enquiries regarding agency staffing issues, please contact our agency procurement project manager, Chris Goody.

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