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Legal Services Framework


Employment Law Update

The Legal Services Framework provides a compliant, simple and efficient solution for those looking to procure trustworthy advice from pre-approved suppliers.  Through our extensive list of suppliers, you are able to determine which one best suits your requirements.  The framework incorporates nine lots:

Lot 1 - Primary Care

Lot 2 -  Mental Health Law

Lot 3 - Corporate and Commercial Law

Lot 4 - Employment Law

Lot 5 - Property Law

Lot 6 - PFI/PPP Projects

Lot 7 - NHS Governance and Public Law

Lot 8 - Health Law

Lot 9 - A multi-disciplinary lot covering any or all of the services in the preceding eight lots

For further information, please contact: Sandra Atik Tel: 07983 339079 or view our key facts sheet which includes details of the pre-approved suppliers.



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