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Homecare Provider Service Review Meetings

The EoECPH intends to host annual formal meetings with each homecare provider who provides services in the region. These meetings will be attended by a collective group of Trust representatives from across the region, usually aligned to sourcing group membership, and will be formatted and recorded to comply with the national guidance published in the Handbook for Homecare Services in England. This will augment more frequent and informal local service reviews.


Service review meetings will be held on the same day as the East of England Homecare Sourcing Group, which is comprised of representatives of predominantly acute Trusts in the East of England. This group meets on a minimum of a quarterly basis.

It is expected that by hosting a collective service review for the East of England, Homecare Providers will send a senior member/s of the organisation to accompany the regional representative to the meeting in order to provide an opportunity for direct communication with our Trusts regarding key procedural issues or changes.

There may be a requirement for two homecare providers to attend for a service review meeting on the same day to ensure annual coverage of each provider. In this circumstance the meetings will be held independently of each other.

Where a provider has low usage across the region it may be more appropriate for them to meet at a local Trust level, this will be decided by the Homecare Sourcing Group.

It is anticipated that Trusts would continue to hold quarterly review meetings at a local level in order to effectively manage the service on the ground.


A standard agenda, based on national guidance, will be utilised for all providers. This can be found in the "Related Files" section to the right of the page. Agenda may be subject to change where required.

Members of the Homecare Sourcing Group have agreed for full disclosure of performance data and information between Trusts across the East of England to allow effective management through comparison.

The EoECPH and the homecare provider will agree ahead of the meeting the KPI data period to be reviewed at the meeting. Summary reports will be provided by the EoECPH to the Trusts ahead of the meeting to allow appropriate preparation and this will be shared with the homecare provider to ensure consistency with their data.

Until such a time that the EoECPH has established an appropriate centralised mechanism for the collection and monitoring of complaints and patient safety incidents, this information will be provided to the EoECPH in a mutually acceptable format for discussion at the meeting.

Service Review Schedule

Service review meeting dates 2015


Additional Service Reviews

It is anticipated that there may be a requirement for additional service review meetings where it is identified that service levels from a particular homecare provider has dropped significantly necessitating urgent procedural review and action. Under this circumstance homecare providers and Trust stakeholders will be given as much notice as possible ahead of the chosen meeting date. These reviews will follow the standard agenda with particular focus given to rectification of the issues highlighted prior to the meeting.

Pharma Representation

The EoECPH is keen to incorporate representation from Pharma at regional homecare service review meetings. We are currently scoping potential methods to allow this with respect to availability and quality of performance data, NHS/private data sharing mechanism and attendance restriction caused by room capacity.

We would welcome any comments from Pharma regarding interest in attendance or suggestions to address the challenges described above. Please contact joe.bassett@eoecph.nhs.uk


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