Wound Imaging Solutions (Ref: 2023/S 000-036363)


The Wound Imaging Solutions framework offers multiple suppliers, supporting trusts in procuring wound assessment and monitoring systems, devices and digital aids. These systems aid in the measurement, imaging, and documentation of wounds, capturing two- or three-dimensional assessments integrated with electronic medical record software.

Capable of measuring width, length, and depth, with some offering thermal imaging, these devices provide valuable data for tracking the healing process. The solutions are particularly beneficial in cases involving multiple clinical staff. The captured images can be applied to electronic patient records, supporting consultations within the multi-disciplinary team.

The framework’s diagnostic and imaging services can be particularly useful for various conditions, including diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, and skin lesions and will assist health professionals such as surgeons, dermatologists, nurses, and specialists in wound care and vascular health.


  • Potential for the service to go to the patient instead of the patient travelling to hospital
  • Offers trusts a choice of providers without having to go to market
  • Comparison tool identifying the suppliers and products awarded under the framework
  • Innovative pricing discounts from awarded suppliers
  • Clinical data capture at the point of care for wound care assessment, enabling access to innovative technology for clinicians
  • Competition among suppliers is likely to offer trusts better value without compromising patient care thus helping to enhance the quality of care to patients
  • Opportunity to facilitate further competitions with the potential to realise further savings against specific requirements
  • Associate membership is available to any publicly funded bodies (including those not already full or pharmacy members of this Hub) by signing the framework customer access agreement

Start date


End date



3 x 12 months

Contract type

Framework Agreement

Framework owner

East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub



Award type

Direct award
Further competition


Lot 1 - 3D Wound Imaging Solutions Lot 2 - 2D Wound Imaging Solutions

List of suppliers

Aranz Medical Limited, Healthy IO, imito Limited.

Contact name

David Olusanya

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