Training & Development Services (Ref: 2022/S 000-001391)


The Training and Development Services framework caters to the needs of publicly funded organisations, offering comprehensive support for development, skills learning, and change management.

Covering various areas such as mentoring, leadership, communication skills, and patient safety, the framework has expanded to include new providers and additional lots, responding to market demands for Litigation and Coroner Inquests, as well as Social Value and Sustainability.

This framework not only addresses day-to-day training needs but also provides a platform for navigating the evolving health and social care landscape, supporting integrated care boards and fostering collaborative working opportunities.


  • Continuous training and development opportunities to improve staff retention
  • Patient safety modules endorsed by NHSE to develop safety skills alongside communication between staff, patients and affected families
  • Creating an enriching environment with the best knowledge and skills on offer
  • Services can be delivered through various mediums - face to face, classroom, virtual learning, own-pace learning programmes, seminars and onsite support
  • Service provision is suitable for either individuals, small or larger groups
  • Outcomes from our service providers will help to support the wider health and social care transformational and service delivery aims

Start date


End date



1 x 12 months

Contract type

Framework Agreement

Framework owner

East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub



Award type

Direct award
Further competition
Direct award with partial competition


Lot 1: One to One Coaching & Mentoring Services, Lot 2: Training Programmes, Lot 3: Innovative Synaptic, Memory and Reality Learning, Lot 4: Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents, Lot 4a: Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents Training, Lot 4b: Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents Oversight Training, Lot 4c: Patient and Staff Involvement in Learning from Patient Safety Incidents Training, Lot 5: System Leadership, Lot 6: Litigation and Coroner Inquests, Lot 7: Social Value & Sustainability, Lot 8: Multi-Disciplinary or Unique Services

List of suppliers

Blend Associates, Being Human in Healthcare Ltd, Consquence UK Ltd, Download Learning Ltd, Iodem Ltd, Facere Melias, GCS Training Ltd T/A InPractice, Me Learning, MedLed Ltd, NHS Professionals Ltd, Systemic Factors Ltd, Talik & Company Ltd.

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Amie Allday & Megan Booth

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