Aseptic Cleanroom Consumables and Laundry Services (Ref: 2022/S 000-008597)


The Aseptic Pharmacy Cleanroom Consumables and Laundry Services framework, a re-tender of an existing East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub agreement, encompasses five lots: Disinfectants and Detergent, Reusable Garments and Laundry Services, Disposable Garments, Aseptic Processing Devices, and Cleanroom Consumables.

Following the success of the previous agreement, this re-tender aims to sustain effective procurement for Participating Authorities, with an annual spend exceeding £1 million and potential for further growth. Collaboratively updated by the East of England Preparative Services Network, the framework aligns with new national guidance and regulations, offering cleanroom consumables, laundry services, and reusable garment rental for Pharmacy Aseptic Units. Accessible to EoECPH members, NHS Commercial Solutions, Thames Valley, Wessex Pharmacy Procurement Services, and other NHS organisations nationally, this framework facilitates streamlined procurement within the respective regions.


  • Access to a wider range of products from a variety of suppliers
  • Access to a range of laundering service options e.g., split rental, hire only and processing only services
  • Savings opportunities and discounts as highlighted by each supplier
  • Standardise requirements and commit volumes where applicable
  • Ensure integrity of suppliers within this marketplace
  • Achieve competitive prices for products and rental rates

Start date


End date



2 x 12 months (1 remaining)

Contract type

Framework Agreement

Framework owner

East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub


ABI 1.5%

Award type

Direct award
Further competition


Lot 1 Disinfectants and Detergents; Lot 2 Reusable Garments and Laundry Services; Lot 3 Disposable Garments; Lot 4 Aseptic Processing Devices; Lot 5 – Cleanroom Consumables

List of suppliers

AGMA Ltd, Elis Cleanroom, Micronclean Ltd, Nitritex, Scientific Laboratory Supplies, VWR International Ltd, Valley Northern.

Contact name

Julia Asplin

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