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AdviseInc Procurement Dashboard roll out in East of England
09 May 2022

A new initiative aimed at supporting trusts by providing more detailed data on NHS procurements, is about to be rolled out across the region by the Hub’s Enablement team. The AdviseInc Procurement Dashboard has received regional NHS funding for one year, making the facility available for trusts to use for free. It is intended the AdviseInc system will complement the high level data through Spend Comparison Service, which will remain in place. 


One of the biggest benefits of the project will be better visibility of data, helping trusts, ICSs and Hub members to identify opportunities for savings.  It should also afford easier capture and reporting of spend data from both finance and purchasing perspectives such as AP, PO, subjective, cost centre, supplier, catalogue, contract, inventory and supply chain.  


The new system will also:


  • enable data maturity and quality to be assessed and improved
  • level-up the ability of trust personnel to access and interpret spend information
  • provide a short to medium term solution for the region whilst we work with NHSEI to improve the functionality of the Spend Comparison Service.


So that trusts can get the most out of the data available, the Hub is setting up an AdviseInc Analysis User Group, offering training and live opportunity workshops.  Through the group the Hub can support trusts in interpreting and reporting their data, improving data maturity and looking for saving opportunities.  The Hub will also be encouraging trusts to submit their data.


Two additional initiatives looking at PTOM categories are also being set up by the Hub – ICS Data, and Technology and Performance Group.  They will use a combination of three systems:  Atamis – Health Family eCommercial, Spend Comparison Service and AdviseInc PD.  The group will help to:


  • identify and agree key data sets
  • agree systematic procurement and commercial information sharing
  • how to gather spend and opportunity information across ICSs
  • develop roadmaps for system harmonisation


Further information regarding onboarding to Atamis will be issued early next week.


If you have any questions, please contact Darren.mcvee@eoecph.nhs.uk.