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Framework Launch: Transforming Organisations, Partnerships and Systems
07 May 2019

Transform: Multi-Specialty Support & Advisory Consultancy Services 

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Transforming Organisations, Partnerships and Systems (Transform) framework, a replacement for the Commissioning Partnership framework with a refreshed and extended offering.  

This multi-speciality support and advisory consultancy services framework is designed to assist trusts with their transformational aims for service delivery and partnership working by providing focused support in the pursuit of service delivery excellence.  


The framework is divided into eleven lots:  


Lot 1: Sustainable Services Modelling, Design and Improvement 

Lot 1 provides support related to operational delivery, development and service transformation, including improving patient flow and developing new models of care. 


Lot 2: Strategy, System Leadership, Governance and Integrated Assurance 

Lot 2 provides support for Trust leadership and management, including matters of organizational governance and strategy, developing systems and cultures to build organisations, teams and individual learning and performance. 


Lot 3: Engagement and Consultation Advisory, Training and Quality Assurance Partner 

Lot 3 provides support for the securing and delivering a broad range of strategic engagement communications, including gathering feedback and other relevant information from relevant parties 


Lot 4: Managed Audio/Visual Conferencing Support Services 

Lot 4 provides support for securing audio/visual recordings of engagement activities, such as consultation meetings, seminars and events.   


Lot 5: Specialist Legal Support and Advice: Service Delivery and Service Partnering 

Lot 5 provides legal support and advice, including the day-to-day needs of an organisation or partnership, advice on developing partnerships, funding and areas of ownership. Additionally, this lot provides legal services relating to contract bidding and the procurement process.  


Lot 6: Commercial, Financial and Related Advisory Services 

Lot 6 provides support for business and financial mechanisms, including business and financial modelling, growth opportunity analysis, programme management, cost reduction approaches, investment support and realising efficiencies.  


Lot 7: Procurement Services 

Lot 7 provides support for procurement services, giving trusts access to expert procurement and commercial knowledge, either for a single procurement or for longer term procurement service provisions.  


Lot 8: Workforce Transformation 

Lot 8 provides support for developing workforce efficiencies, such as workforce modelling to test, shape and plan for the future, addressing and mitigating barriers to workforce recruitment and retention, shifting the balance from specialist to generalist training and adoption of best practice.  


Lot 9: Organisational and Back Office Efficiencies 

Lot 9 provides support for efficiency initiatives, for example those set by NHS Improvement, Lord Carter, the Model Hospital tool and other relevant metrics. This includes CIP planning and delivery, Shared Services Development and procurement advice such as e-catalogue guidance and implementation.  


Lot 10: Communications and Engagement Delivery 

Lot 10 provides access to communication, engagement and consulting services, with sufficient, relevant and appropriate feedback captured. This also includes a clear auditing process to ensure that all communication and engagement has been secured and acted on in a compliant way.  


Lot 11: Multi-Disciplinary Consultancy Services 

Lot 11 provides access to a broad range of multi-disciplinary consultancy and advisory services, where the supplier covers at least two or more of the specialisms covered in Lots 1-10, or any other related services. This Lot can be used when the scope of work needed is particularly wide, and is not able to be procured solely under any of the previous individual Lots.  


If you would like more information on the Transform framework and how it could benefit your organisation, please contact Sandra Atik: Sandra.atik@eoecph.nhs.uk.