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Centralised Homecare Governance Model

A centralised homecare governance model was established in the East of England in April 2014 utilising a dedicated regional lead hosted by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EoECPH) for management of homecare medicines services.

The governance of homecare was recently considered at a National Pharmacy Supplies Group meeting (NPSG) and the centralised homecare governance model pioneered in the East of England was proposed for England as a whole.

Key Objectives 

  • Ensure patient safety and patient experience is maintained to an excellent standard; equal or greater than that experienced by patients receiving care from the hospital pharmacy
  • Improved capability to consistently comply with Professional Standards across the East of England region and the country as a whole
  • Greater engagement with all stakeholders
  • Access to accurate, timely and consistent service performance data
  • Robust ‘whole picture’ service and supplier management
  • Efficient, streamlined procurement and contract management process.
  • Reduce resource burden on local trusts
  • Reduce industry costs and hence fees by adopting a consistent coordinated governance structure which delivers workload efficiencies











The EoECPH, member trusts and commissioners have identified numerous areas for development in line with national guidance published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (Professional Standards and Handbook for Homecare Services in England) and the Hackett Review (Homecare Medicines: Towards a vision for the Future).

Full Document

You can find the full document detailing the project areas and tasks identified under this model in the related files section to the right of the page.



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