Analysis and Reconciliation Framework

Invoicing errors can cost businesses tens of thousands of pounds, but identifying these mistakes retrospectively can be difficult and it often takes a third party with specialist auditing expertise to spot them.

To help support NHS Trusts in identifying such errors and claiming back money which would otherwise be lost, the Hub developed a comprehensive Analysis and Reconciliation Framework Agreement to enable Trusts to appoint specialist firms to do this work for them on a no-win, no-fee basis.

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Following the success of the previous (2012-2015) Analysis and Reconciliation Framework, which delivered savings in the region of £9 million, the Hub retendered a new framework agreement following a full OJEU open process and the new contract went live in March 2016.

The new framework is open to all Trusts served by the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP), which is a strategic partnership between the Hub, NHS Commercial Solutions the NHS London Procurement Partnership and the North of England Collaborative Procurement Partnership.

The contract is also open to other NHS and Public sector organisations throughout the UK subject to agreement for the Hub. It allows organisations to option to either directly award to appointed suppliers or carry out further competitions.

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