Net Zero and Social Value drop-in sessions
07 October 2022

A series of online drop-in sessions about Net Zero and Social Value, hosted by NHS England via Teams, is underway.  The sessions offer a safe space to ask any questions on the subject and PPN 06/20 - taking account of social value in in the award of central government contracts,  which was adopted by the NHS from 1st April this year. 

The next few sessions are planned for:

17th October 11am - 12pm

21st November 11am -12pm

19th December 11am -12pm 

You can click on the links above to join a drop-in session.  Alternatively, you can find details and links under the Sustainability & Innovation tab in the CCF Hub workspace on the Future NHS website. 

As well as a presentation at the start of each session, upcoming drop-ins will be covering such topics as:

  • An introduction to the Sustainable Procurement Team and a programme overview
  • A summary of available Social Value guidance
  • How Net Zero and Social Value can be used to reduce health inequalities
  • A deep dive into the contents of the Net Zero and Social Value Guidance
  • A practical example of Net Zero and Social Value being embedded into a procurement
  • Embedding Net Zero and Social Value into Atamis. 

If you’re pushed for time, you don’t need to stay for the entire session, you can drop in or out at any time.

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