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NHS Workforce Alliance Video: Discover the workforce services and support the Alliance offers the NHS
05 September 2023

As an NHS Workforce Alliance partner, we are excited to share a short film about the Alliance. 

In a couple of minutes, it explains: 

  • what the Alliance is  
  • what the Alliance does to help NHS trusts and ICBs meet their workforce needs through its support, services and solutions 
  • how the Alliance can help them make significant savings, efficiencies and improvements to patient care 
  • how many £millions per year we save the NHS in contingent labour costs. 

What motivates the Alliance’s dedicated team of workforce experts, based throughout the country, is knowing the partnership’s collaborative work with trusts and ICBs makes a positive difference to the NHS. 

We are pleased to be a collaborative Alliance partner and proud to be part of the NHS, working for the benefit of the NHS.   

Please share this video with your colleagues!  Watch now: