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Framework Launch: Electronic Patient Records – Ambulance Trusts
16 May 2023

The East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub is pleased to announce our new Electronic Patient Record framework specifically for ambulance trusts. This framework has been endorsed by NHS Digital and Technology and offers a route to market for ambulance crew systems for electronic patient records.

This single lot framework has been developed as a bespoke offering for the needs of the Ambulance Trusts, working in collaboration with UK Ambulance Trusts to ensure it meets their needs.

The benefits of this framework include:

  • Quick information sharing
  • Fast access to accurate medical records
  • Data availability whilst treating patients onboard ambulances
  • Real time recording
  • Audit trails for accessing patient data
  • Improved data integrity and lowered risk of data loss

Further information

For more information about this framework, please contact Raj Dosanjh raj.dosanjh@eoecph.nhs.uk