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Webinars on the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework
22 February 2023

A series of webinars hosted by NHS England (NHSE) to support preparations for the transition to the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) is due to take place between now and September (2023).

The way the NHS responds to patient safety incidents will change when the current Serious Incident Response Framework is replaced by PSIRF in the autumn (2023).  The emphasis will be on understanding how incidents happen, rather than apportioning blame.  The PSIRF will support the NHS to learn, improve and make care safer.

NHSE PSIRF webinar schedule

20 Feb 2023      PSIRF governance workshop

13 March           PSIRF transition webinar 3: From governance to planning

20 March           PSIRF planning workshop

19 May              PSIRF transition webinar 4: From planning to plan curation

10 July               PSIRF transition webinar 5: From curation to transition

11 September   PSIRF transition webinar 6: From transition to embedding

For further information or to register for your webinar place, please visit the NHSE website.

For more details on PSIRF, please see the NHSE website or the NHS Patient Safety workspace on the FutureNHS online collaboration platform.

PSIRF training available through Lot 4 Training & Development Services framework

The Hub’s Corporate Services team has liaised closely with NHSE’s Patient Safety team to develop Lot 4 of our Training & Development Services framework.  The agreement can help with identifying suppliers who can deliver all aspects of PSIRF training including:

  • Upskilling staff

  • Risk management

  • Governance

  • Reducing the need for independent investigations

Hub member trusts, NHS Procurement in Partnership partner hub members and public bodies have access to training providers that can deliver their PSIRF training needs through Lot 4 of our Training & Development Services framework.

The current list of Lot 4 training suppliers is available on the NHS England Patient Safety workspace on the FutureNHS  platform.  Or you can view them on the Training & Development Services marketing sheet on our website.