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Training opportunities re Net Zero and Sustainability and Social Value
07 February 2023

Several training opportunities around net zero and sustainability and social value (SSV) in NHS procurements, are now available from NHS England via the FutureNHS online platform.

These environmental priorities are already beginning to be embedded in all NHS procurements.  Net zero and SSV will continue to grow in significance as the NHS journeys along the path of greener health service delivery.

For the sake of the planet and the nation’s health, NHS England has set the NHS two important carbon emissions targets. They are for:

  • the emissions the NHS controls to be net zero by 2040
  • the emissions the NHS influences to be net zero by 2045. 

More than 60% of the NHS carbon footprint is based within the NHS supply chain.  This means NHS procurement has a vital role to fulfil in reducing harmful carbon emissions and meeting the NHS’ commitment to reach net zero by 2045.

New e-learning for NHS Buyers on Net Zero and Social Value

This new online course is recommended for all NHS colleagues involved in the field of procurement.  It was developed by commercial experts at the Central Commercial Function (CCF) at NHS England.

In three short modules, which take about an hour to complete, the course explores aspects of the mandatory 10% net zero and social value weighting that is now applied to all tenders.*

For more information, please visit the Net Zero and Social Value in Procurement page on the CCF Hub workspace at FutureNHS.

This free course is open to all NHS staff.  Registration is available via this CCF link.

If you have any difficulties in accessing the course, contact: england.ccf-sustainability@nhs.net.

*  PPN 06/20  was adopted by the NHS in April 2022 making a 10% weighting for net zero and social value compulsory in all procurements.  Of the five social value themes, Fighting Climate Change must be included in all tenders.  The other social value themes are:  Tackling Economic Inequality, COVID-19 recovery, Wellbeing and Equal Opportunity.

NHS Carbon Reduction Plan System Webinars

A series of free online training webinars on the NHS Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP), aimed at the NHS System, is being held by NHS England’s CCF over the next couple of months.

The focus will be on the requirements of PPN 06/21:  Taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts** and where within a standard procurement process they must be reviewed if the activity meets the £5m ex VAT threshold. 

Webinars are scheduled for February and March on the dates below, on Tuesday afternoons from 2 - 2.30pm:

  • 7th February
  • 21st February
  • 7th March
  • 21st March

Links to the sessions, which are being held on Microsoft Teams, can be accessed through the Carbon Reductions Plan page on the CCF Hub workspace at FutureNHS.

Alternatively, contact england.ccf-sustainability@nhs.net for an invitation.

**Please see the NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap which builds on PPN 06/20 and PPN 06/21:

From April 2023 for all NHS contracts above £5 million per year, suppliers must publish a carbon reduction plan for their UK Scope 1 and 2 emissions and a subset of scope 3 emissions as a minimum (aligning with PPN 06/21).

From April 2024 all NHS procurements must have a carbon reduction plan.

Online NHS Net Zero and Social Value drop-in sessions

Organised by CCF at NHS England, an online Net Zero and Social Value drop-in session is scheduled for Monday 20th February, 11am – 12pm.   

Subjects to be covered in upcoming sessions include: 

  • a summary of available social value guidance
  • how net zero and social value can be used to reduce health inequalities
  • a deep dive into the contents of the net zero and social value guidance
  • a practical example of net zero and social value being embedded into a procurement
  • embedding net zero and social value into Atamis
  • utilising carbon reduction plans (CRP) in the tender process
  • showcasing the future Evergreen framework

You can access a Microsoft Teams link to the session via the Net Zero and Social Value Drop-in Sessions page on the CCF Hub workspace at FutureNHS.

More training webinars planned for April

For more details on the upcoming Supplier Carbon Reduction Plan Webinars that CCF has planned for April, please keep an eye on their Carbon Reduction Page at FutureNHS.

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