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Framework updates from Corporate Services
07 December 2022

The Hub’s Corporate Services team has recently extended two frameworks and is presently in the process of refreshing and renewing several others in the portfolio.

A new lot, Lot 7: Supporting Staff through Coroner Inquests & Litigation, has been created for the Training and Development framework.

Please see below for details on the latest framework updates from Corporate Services: 

Analysis and Reconciliation

Extended until 28th February 2024.

This popular framework has assisted contracting authorities in discovering and recovering overpayments/incorrect price bandings, resulting in recoveries of £66.5M in the financial year 2020/21.  

The framework suppliers offer a ‘no win, no fee’ service.  You only pay a pre-agreed percentage fee of the money recovered.  The framework is resource-light, requiring very little time and involvement from the contracting organisation.  Audits can be carried out without physical access to trust premises. 

During the extension period the Corporate Services team will be reviewing the content and introducing new lots to benefit contracting authorities further.   

Transforming Organisations, Partnerships & Systems (Transform)

Due to expire in April 2024.

We’re in the process of reviewing and refreshing our offering to ensure we provide a continuous, compliant route to market. 

Statutory Audit and Multi-Specialty Services and Advisory Consultancy Services

Extended to 17th November 2023.

We’re in the process of reviewing and refreshing our offering to ensure we provide a continuous, compliant route to market.

Training and Development

In the coming weeks our light touch Training and Development framework will be re-opened for new and existing suppliers to bid.

We’re excited with the recent publication of the Patient Safety Incident Response framework (PSIRF) which is covered in Lots 4a, b & c in collaboration with NHS England. 

This framework currently offers: 

  • Lot 1: One to One Coaching & Mentoring Services
  • Lot 2: Training Programmes
  • Lot 3: Innovative Synaptic, Memory and Reality Learning
  • Lot 4: Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents
    • Lot 4a: Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents Training
    • Lot 4b: Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents Oversight Training
    • Lot 4c: Patient and Staff Involvement in Learning from Patient Safety Incidents Training
  • Lot 5: System Leadership
  • Lot 6: Multi-Disciplinary or Unique Services 

We will also be adding a new lot:

  • Lot 7: Supporting Staff through Coroner Inquests & Litigation

Our new Lot 7 seeks to provide staff delivering NHS services with the knowledge and skills required during an investigation and/or at a coroner’s inquest.

Services delivered against this lot will ensure that individuals are provided with the necessary understanding of the legal process(es) they may or will be involved with, providing support in development of skills and core understanding of how the system works.  Outcomes for this lot will ensure that individuals to be confident and understand how they might be called upon through production of a report, recommendations, litigation and/or coronial process, where coroner’s court or litigation becomes a real-life event. 

Areas and content covered includes but is not limited to:

  • Producing evidentially sound investigation outputs
  • Purpose of Coroner’s Inquest
  • Gathering evidence; what sort of evidence is required
  • Evidential standards
  • Dealing with conflicting evidence
  • Organising your evidence
  • Critical analytical skills
  • Helping staff to write statements that will withstand robust cross-examination
  • Preparing staff for being interviewed during coroner’s court
  • Rules of disclosure and what supporting documents may be used
  • What to expect if you are asked to give evidence
  • Understanding the relationship between an action plan and Prevention of Future Death Reports (Regulation 28)
  • Understanding where action plans or outcomes from an investigation could form part of wider improvements across an organisation or care system

Knowledge, skills and experience required of presenters delivering training


  • A professional legal qualification and/or advocacy experience at Coroner’s Court
  • Experience of legal representation at Coroner’s Court
  • Experience of teaching, coaching, feedback and/or delivery of learning
  • Skills and experience in conducting high quality, complex investigations spanning different organisations, settings, and stakeholder boundaries
  • In-depth, up to date knowledge of NHS patient safety incident response policy and guidance
  • Multiple level and range of understanding of NHS and organisation policies and processes.

Independent Investigations

We are also supporting NHS England with the light touch re-opening of Independent Investigations.

Get in touch 

The Corporate Services team would welcome your input.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for additional services you would like included in any of the above frameworks, please email: corporate.services@eoecph.nhs.uk.