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Business Services becomes Corporate Services today
01 December 2022

From today, the Hub’s Business Services team has a new name.  The category team is now called Corporate Services.  As a result, their new email address is:  corporate.services@eoecph.nhs.uk.

Rebranding the team to Corporate Services means the Hub will be more in step with fellow collaborative partners at NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP), as we continue to work closely together and further align with each other.

Our experienced Corporate Services team offers the same flexible, responsive support for all your general or bespoke procurement needs, as before, and can provide local and regional market management.

Corporate Services frameworks

The portfolio of Corporate Services frameworks offered to members by the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EOECPH) includes:

Analysis & Reconciliation

Clinical Neutral Vendor Managed Services

Dermatology Services

Maxillofacial Oral Surgery

Specialised Reporting for Heart & Lung Checks

Statutory Audit and Multi-Specialty Services and Advisory Consultancy Services

Teleradiology Reporting Services

Training & Development Services

Transforming Organisations, Partnerships & Systems (Transform)

Transportation: Patients & Specialist Courier Services

NHS PiP frameworks

Hub members also have access to NHS PiP frameworks including:

Apprenticeship Training Providers DPS

CPC Drive

Language Services DPS

Legal Services

Non-emergency Transport and other Transport Services DPS

Secure Patient Transport Services 

To access any of these frameworks or for any procurement queries you may have, please contact our Corporate Services team using the new email address above.