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NHS PiP: Helping your journey to becoming carbon neutral
07 September 2022

As we work towards the goal of a ‘net zero NHS’ by 2040, steps to address climate change and reduce carbon outputs need to be embedded across the entirety of the health service.

The NHS also needs to respond to the health emergency that climate change brings.

NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP) is here to support our in-trust colleagues to achieve their Net Zero initiatives. NHS England’s report, ‘Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service’ sets out an overview of the interventions needed to reach this goal, including action to take regarding transportation such as:

  • Net zero by 2040 for the emissions the NHS controls directly
  • Net zero by 2045 for the emissions the NHS has the ability to influence.

According to the report and as per the NHS Long Term Plan, 90% of all NHS fleet should be low, ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles by 2028. Section 18 of the NHS Standard Contract also states that any car leasing schemes for Staff (including salary sacrifice schemes) exclude High Emission Vehicles and promote Zero and Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles. CPC Drive, a North of England NHS Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC) owned framework, is a flexible, innovative fleet solution available to all NHS PiP members. CPC Drive can be used to procure both fleet and pool vehicles and offers cost-effective access to ultra-low emissions and electric vehicles (EVs).

Another priority outlined in NHSE’s report was to incentivise staff use of EVs and to enable better access them. To support NHS staff with moving to electronic vehicles, CPC Drive offers a salary sacrifice employee benefit scheme. The salary sacrifice scheme makes owning an electric car more affordable due to the low benefit in kind tax as well as income tax and national insurance savings.

Catherine Pugh, CPC Drive Commercial Manager, North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative, said: “With only 2% benefit in kind tax for pure electric cars, we have seen a large increase in the take up of electronic vehicles over the past year, as well as a big drop in the purchase of petrol vehicles, so the market seems to be moving in the right direction”

NHS Procurement in Partnership is here to help our NHS colleagues navigate the steps needed on their journey to becoming carbon neutral. In addition to these initiatives NHS PiP has a suite of supporting frameworks and advice for other sustainability projects. For more information, please contact us at:  cphenquiries@eoecph.nhs.uk.