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Sustainability spotlight: reducing water consumption and expenditure
06 September 2022

Sustainability is currently at the top of everyone’s agenda, and with the recent drought plaguing the UK, water usage and expenditure is a key priority.

To date, the Hub’s Analysis and Reconciliation (A&R) framework has recovered more that £87 million, all of which has been returned directly to the NHS.

Lot 3 of the A&R framework focuses on water usage, and can support trusts with:

  • Identification of excessive water usage
  • Sewage abatement issues
  • Water monitoring issues
  • Instillation of water saving equipment

This financial year, the four trusts that have engaged with Lot 3 (Water) have recovered a cumulative total of £504,872, with the average trust recovering £126,218.

According to the ERIC dataset, the NHS spent approximately £260 million on water and sewerage in 2020/2021, meaning there is a potential for significant recoveries.

Further information on the A&R framework can be found on our website.



Hub members also have access to the AquaFund via the A&R framework. AquaFund is an innovative multi-million-pound grant scheme created to support public organisations in reducing water consumption and cost in the sector by 30%.

Whilst organisations are usually required a budget for the necessary resource, technology and expertise to address water consumption issues, the AquaFund utilises an ‘invest to save’ budget model that is funded entirely through savings.

Products and services that the AquaFund grants pay for include:

  • Technical surveys of all water assets and processes across the entire estate
  • Supply and installation of cutting-edge water-saving technologies
  • Support team to investigate consumption anomalies/leaks
  • Access to online consumption profiles, water bills, benchmarking and ranking for each building and supply point

The scheme has been designed for organisations to obtain funding within 30 days with no tendering required, and with minimal time and input needed.

Further information on the scheme can be found by watching a short a webinar led by ADSM, the sole provider appointed to deliver the AquaFund and suppliers on our A&R framework.


If you would like to discuss your organisation’s water usage and expenditure, contact our Business Services team: business.services@eoecph.nhs.uk.