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The Hub’s Sandra Atik shares her thoughts on change in the NHS
22 July 2022

The NHS is for turning!  Unlike former prime minister Margaret Thatcher, the NHS is, piece by piece, albeit slowly, turning.  Our beloved monolithic NHS is morphing into a leaner, flexible and more responsive entity to meet patient centric care needs.

Change is coming from all directions, affecting everyone from leaders through to doers, the lifeblood of the NHS, its biggest asset, us, the staff.  All of us, now navigating unchartered waters. One significant change is the system-wide approach to providing health and care in a holistic, cohesive way.  For me, this step change is a little piece of magic.

Long overdue change is gaining momentum.  More importantly, there is a unified workforce and focused direction.  The reasoning is that NHS infrastructure should afford joined up, holistic patient care and support staff, managing the day-to-day, gritty reality of delivering care.

Change is taking place across a variety of providers and environments, from the NHS to charities and local authorities, as well as the associated interwoven pathways. This joint approach makes so much sense.  The only threat to change being effective is where individuals work to their own agenda instead of one that supports the wider public interest.

Sandra Atik, Assistant Director of Procurement, Business Services