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Independent Investigations framework reopens for provider refresh
19 July 2022

Our Business Services team is re-opening the Independent Investigations framework, which the Hub contract manages on behalf of NHS England, for the framework’s annual refresh of providers.

The framework provides NHS trusts with access to suppliers who can support them in reviewing serious incidents or conducting patient safety reviews.  It also offers wide-ranging flexibility, from single trust to system-wide investigations which can involve the police and coroner’s court.  Consultancy services, designed to find answers and suggest different ways of working, are available through Lot 1 to Lot 5.

All providers on the framework are available and suitable for use by the wider NHS for serious incidents and patient safety reviews.

Suppliers can find further information from the Contract Finder or our F01 Market Engagement Notice.  The tender for the Independent Investigations framework is due to be issued 01 August 2022.

For more information about the Independent Investigations framework and to find out how we can support you, please email:  business.services@eoecph.nhs.uk.

Further support is available from the Hub

In addition, EOECPH can offer trusts further support in the field of patient safety.

Our Training and Development Services framework supports learning which can equip staff with the knowledge and skill sets needed to help avoid, in the first place, the kind of patient safety issues the Independent Investigations framework can address. 

Co-produced with NHSE, the Hub’s Training and Development Services framework Lot 4a-c* is dedicated to patient safety.  This framework is integral in support to the new Patient safety incident investigation (PSII) Framework, publication of which is anticipated this summer.

Lot 4 will provide support and training in critical areas such as learning from patient safety incidents for the NHS and wider care environment.

Read more about the Training and Development Services framework on our website. 

Continuing to work with NHSE’s Patient Safety Incident and Response team, the Hub is helping to support the wider NHS on patient safety.

*Lot 4a – Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents

Lot 4b – Systems Approach to Learning from Patient Safety Incidents oversight training

Lot 4c – Patient & Staff Involvement in Learning from Safety Incidents Training