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NHS PiP - Pharmaceutical Services framework launches
19 July 2022

Working in collaboration across NHS Procurement in Partnership (NHS PiP), NOE CPC has established this framework to provide NHS Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Community Trusts, and ICS’s an effective and efficient route to market to support them in the provision of pharmaceutical services. 

This framework builds on a previous similar successful framework agreement, with active input and oversight from several pharmaceutical, medicine and procurement experts from each NHS PiP procurement hub to ensure that the specification is robust and can meet the needs of NHS organisations. 

The services, across the Lots, aim: 

  • To provide an Inpatient, Outpatient and Discharge Dispensing service which is safe and effective and conducted by certified suppliers. This could be on a trust site(s) or via a remote hub. 
  • To provide a Multi-compartment Compliance Aids (MCA) assembly and delivery service, for inpatients, outpatients and/or discharge patients, with the aim of helping and guiding these patients in ensuring they take their medication on the correct day and time.  
  • To effectively provide the delivery of stock pharmaceutical products to the purchasing authority in pre-assembled containers for defined ward locations, ready for onward internal delivery within the hospital. 
  • To provide fully trained and competent staff to perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of the service. 
  • To provide the appropriate reporting of services needed to assist in the reporting to Commissioners, if appropriate. 


  • Lot One – Remote Dispensing Services 
  • Lot Two – On-site Dispensing Services 
  • Lot Three – Dispensing of Medicine Compliance Aids 
  • Lot Four – Ward Order Assembly.  


01/07/2022 – 30/06/2024 (with the option to extend for 2 x 12 months)


This framework provides a route to market that meets all the requirements under public contract regulations, which should provide Participating Authorities with the confidence that their needs will be met by providers who have undergone a rigorous tender and selection process. 

  • This framework presents a patient-centred service which will be delivered in a safe and effective manner by appropriately trained, competent staff who will offer patients expert information, counselling, and advice on all medicines supplied, or where required. 
  • Each lot offers a flexible and responsive service which can adapt and respond to the changing needs and demands within locations; this includes the ability to provide on-the-day requests of trusts as well as offering flexible access times which support the NHS agenda for 24/7 services (including some weekends and evenings). 
  • The framework has been designed to ensure that safety is central to the provision of these services. 
  • All suppliers on the framework have been assessed against stringent quality requirements, demonstrating their compliance with all the minimum standards required of them.  

Appointed Suppliers 

  • Alliance Healthcare*
  • Boots UK Ltd*
  • Fairview Health Ltd
  • Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd
  • Pearl Chemist Ltd
  • Rowlands Pharmacy 

*Please note that these suppliers have not yet returned their signed framework agreement. The recommendation is that no call off contracts are placed with these suppliers until their appointment on to the framework agreement has been confirmed. Please visit our website for further updates. 

Framework Access

Direct award is only allowed for Lot 3 providing the Participating Authority can demonstrate the selected Supplier offers the most economically advantageous supply. Further Competition must be used for each other lot.

For further information, access to framework documentation or any queries, please contact:  pharmacy@eoecph.nhs.uk.