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28 April 2022

In a recent BBC article online, one patient describes the impact of the drug Kaftrio in managing her cystic fibrosis symptoms as ‘mind blowing’.  Gillian Docherty from Glasgow outlines how her health has significantly improved since taking part in a clinical trial for Kaftrio, which is now an approved drug.

Kaftrio, a combination of three individual drugs, Elexacaftor, Ivacaftor, Tezacaftor, is just one of hundreds of medicines the Hub’s Pharmacy team can support member trusts in accessing via our homecare medicines services frameworks.  Kaftrio is available for member trusts to access through our homecare medicines services framework as a manufacturer funded homecare medicine from the supplier Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Joe Bassett, the Hub’s Head of Pharmacy Procurement said: “Homecare medicines services can have life-changing impacts on patients.

“Specialist medication, safely and conveniently delivered to patients in their homes by homecare medicines services, can help patients continue with their normal lives.  It means their condition doesn’t have to impact on them more than it has to.”

More than half a million patients with chronic disease in the UK are able to manage their conditions at home with the help of homecare medicines services.

To find out how the Hub’s Pharmacy team can support you in accessing these services, please visit the Pharmacy homecare medicines services pages of our website or contact pharmacy@eoecph.nhs.uk.