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Social Value Workshops
26 April 2022

Social Value Commitments in Procurements:   Workshops concentrating on questions for tenders and evaluation thereof.

As you may be aware NHS England has confirmed the extension of PPN 06/20 Taking Account of Social Value in the Award of Central Government Contracts with effect from 1 Apr 22 to the commissioning and purchase of goods and services by NHS organisations.   The guidance provided by NHS England on applying net zero and social value in the procurement of NHS goods and services includes direction that the social value theme Fighting Climate Change should be included in all tenders and they also provide examples of health focussed questioned that may be asked in tenders.  

To support members with their procurement activity EoECPH is holding workshops which will be concentrating on questions for tenders and evaluation thereof.   The workshops are being held on 5th and 11th May 2022 between 11am and 1pm against the anticipated agenda:  





Welcome and introductions.

2 – 3 mins.



10 – 15 mins.


Questions for tenders and evaluation thereof.

95 – 100 mins.


Round up

5 mins.

The workshops will cover the same theme, albeit different questions may be raised, so if you attend on the 5th you wouldn’t need to attend on the 11th - but of course you can if you so wish. 

If you wish to be invited to either or both sessions please email patrick.ruddy@eoecph.nhs.uk who will arrange to forward you a teams meeting invitation. 

In issuing the above mentioned guidance NHS England remind us that when we are evaluating the tender response that amongst other things we refer to the Model Response Guidance to ensure fairness and transparency activity already in place.  For ease of reference the Model Response Guidance can be found at para 6 of each Policy Outcome in the Social Value Model.