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PiP Covid surge support for NHS trust Estates and Facilities teams
18 January 2022

The last two years have been especially difficult for the NHS; the COVID-19 pandemic has added a significant strain on hospitals already struggling with capacity and demand for care.  With the additional stress of the usual winter pressures now underway, NHS Procurement in Partnership* want to highlight some of the agreements and support we can give to ease some of the difficulties you are experiencing or might be facing in the coming months.  Areas we wish to highlight include:

  • Infection control – deep cleaning technology
  • Specialist Deep Cleaning Services
  • Soft Services – staffing shortages
  • Specialist Services – staffing shortages
  • Security Services
  • Increasing Bedspace Capacity - Design/Project Management

For further details please click here:  bit.ly/3GHHrtu

*NHS Procurement in Partnership is a collaboration between the four NHS Procurement Hubs, including NHS London Procurement Partnership, NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub and NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative.