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Supporting the NHS through winter pressures, COVID-19 and beyond
02 December 2021

The last two years have been especially difficult for the NHS; the COVID-19 pandemic has added a significant strain on hospitals already struggling with capacity and demand for care. With the additional stress of the usual winter pressures looming, we are here to offer support to ease some of the difficulties our customers are facing in the coming months.

Supporting a healthy workforce and minimising the risk of hospital acquired infections is key to getting through this strenuous period. Traditional routine cleaning is often not enough to fully decontaminate clinical settings, leaving staff and patients at risk of contracting hospital acquired infections. The Hub’s framework for UV Infection Control provides our customers with a compliant route to market for UV decontamination solutions, including both static and robotic equipment. These solutions are easy to use and disinfect rooms within minutes, reducing turnaround and easing capacity issues.

Providers on the UV Infection Control framework have provided short videos to highlight the capabilities and promote better understanding of their solutions, which can be viewed here.

The UV Infection Control framework also has the added ability to provide bespoke modular builds, which could help to shape internal and external spaces at your hospital. Contact us if you would like further information on the UV Infection Control framework, and how it can support your organisation throughout the winter period.

Ensuring our customers have access to the right people couldn’t be more important for our customers during winter pressures. 

As a part of the NHS Workforce Alliance, we are committed to supporting our local NHS trusts to plan, manage and develop their Workforce demands.  We offer a range of bespoke solutions to individual trusts and ICS groups including Clinical Staffing, Non-Clinical Staffing, International Recruitment, Insourcing and Flexible Staff Bank to best manage and bolster capacity in NHS settings. We believe in collaborative working with local NHS trusts to ensure you have a reliable, sustainable and effective workforce.

For more information on how the NHS Workforce Alliance can support your organisation, please visit our website or contact our local team of workforce experts.