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Virtual Ward and Clinical Outpatients Services framework
30 March 2021

On 15 March the Hub published a Prior Information Notice for pre-market engagement for a new framework. To read the details please visit Find a Tender service.

The overall aim of creating a framework for the Virtual Ward and Clinical Outpatients Services is to supply responsive and time limited support to individuals who are medically fit for discharge from an acute hospital or community unit. Providing advice, information and signposting to inform a care pathway which facilitates patients to safely resettle at home and promote independence and choice. The service providers will facilitate appropriate interventions and provide pharmacy treatments at home, in mobile clinics or at outpatient clinics close to the patient’s home. These services will promote patient independence and reduce the likelihood of hospital readmission or long-term care and provide access to services which enable timely discharge or admission avoidance.

For more information please contact the pharmacy team project lead: Jocelyn.bale@eoecph.nhs.uk