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Supporting the workforce
15 June 2020

Workforce Alliance’s portfolio of agreements are designed to help the NHS workforce in all aspects including training and development, recruitment, employee assistance and management consultancy. These frameworks have come together under the Workforce Alliance banner are freely available now and offer an immediate solution for NHS customers.

Managed Learning Service

This single supplier agreement offers a range of learning and development services and includes a catalogue of commonly require courses and professional courses.

For more information about this framework visit https://www.eoecph.nhs.uk/workforce-support-managed.htm

Permanent Recruitment Solutions

This agreement provides customers with the ability, through direct award or further competition, to secure recruitment services regionally and nationally across a variety of specialisms.

Further information about how this framework can support your trust’s recruitment visit https://www.eoecph.nhs.uk/permanent-recruitment-solutions.htm

Occupational Health, Employee Assistance and Eye Care

This agreement provides access to a range of occupational health services, employee assistance programmes and eye care services through telephone support and an online portal. This framework is freely and available for both direct award and further competition.

Visit https://www.eoecph.nhs.uk/occupational-health-employee-assistance-programmes-and-eye-care.htm for more information.

Management Consultancy (Lot 4)

Services included under Lot 4 of this agreement offer advice on HR for the management, implementation and client-side delivery of HR policies and programmes to support HR and corporate strategies

To find out more about how this agreement can help you visit https://www.eoecph.nhs.uk/management-consultancy.htm

For more information or if you require further assistance please contact us.