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Framework launch: Wound Imaging Solutions
17 February 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Wound Imaging Solutions framework agreement, the first procurement in our Integrated Care category. 

The Lord Carter Review into unwarranted variations in mental health and community health services noted that the NHS spends about £5 billion a year managing wounds, undertaking over 40 million patient visits; however, most trusts do not capture clinical information. 

The use of technology in the delivery of care is a key element within the NHS Long Term Plan. The East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub has worked with a variety of stakeholders to create a Wound Imaging Solutions framework that allows clinical data capture at the point of care for wound care assessment, enabling access to innovative technology for clinicians. 

Following a full OJEU open tender process, the Hub has awarded a multi provider framework agreement, enabling access to wound imaging products in a compliant, consistent and cost-effective way. 


The framework agreement has been separated into three Lots: 

Lot 1 – 3D Wound Imaging Solution (Hardware/software) 

Lot 2 – 2D Wound Imaging Solution (Hardware/software) 

Lot 3  Software only 


Hub members also have access to the Wound Imaging Solutions Comparison Tool, which allows for a quick and simple analysis of key features and benefits of each product, thus allowing trusts to find the product which best meets their specific needs.


To learn more about the Wound Imaging Solutions framework, download the information sheet: 


Hub Pharmacy members can view the Comparison Tool here

Hub Provider members can view the Comparison Tool here


If you would like further information or to access the Wound Imaging Solutions framework, please email Ruth McColl: ruth.mccoll@eoecph.nhs.uk