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Teleradiology can support trusts in delivering timely patient care during the national shortage of Radiologists
27 January 2020

A growing shortage of Radiologists in the UK (currently estimated at 9-10% 2) continues to create difficulties in trusts and imaging departments; in the Royal College of Radiologists’ Clinical Radiology UK Workforce Census Report 2018, three quarters of responding radiology clinical directors said that ‘they do not have enough radiology consultants to deliver save and effective patient care.’ 1 


The report also confirmed that these shortages are now resulting in delayed diagnoses and inadequate diagnostic and interventional services1,  and with the Radiology courses at the risk of closure, the situation has the potential to get worse3.  


The use of outsourced Teleradiology services is a possible solution for imaging departments struggling to cope with demand due to the shortage of radiologists. 


As a member of the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, your organisation has access to our Teleradiology Reporting framework. In a time of growing outsourcing costs1, our framework provides trusts with access to a cost-effective solution.  


The Teleradiology Reporting framework draws on the resources of dedicated teams from around the globe, allowing for trained specialists to be available 24 hours a day and at times of increased demand or low staffing levels.  


The framework includes provision for routine radiology reporting (including overflow and backlog reporting), second opinion reporting, sub-specialty reporting and out of hours emergency reporting.  


Further information and resources are available here 


If you would like to discuss accessing the framework or have any questions, please contact Simon Norden: simon.norden@eoepch.nhs.uk 



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