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counter fraud
Hub collaboration with NHS Counter Fraud Authority
26 July 2019

Fraud has a huge impact on the resources of a Trust and its ability to provide front line services.

The NHS has a new champion in the fight against fraud, the NHS Counter Fraud Agency (NHSCFA, replacing NHS Protect), to lead and support the NHS with consistency of standards and service delivery. 

The Hub and the NHSCFA are working closely together on the replacement framework for the Hub’s existing Audit Services framework, to ensure that counter fraud services are as robust as they can be, with providers of counter fraud services held to NHSCFA performance indicators for service quality and reporting.

A robust counter fraud service is invaluable, as is a Trust that actively supports and promotes audit, security and counter fraud culture. 

Updates on our collaboration with NHSCFA will be available as the project progresses.

Further information on the Hub’s current audit framework can be found here and information about the NHSCFA is located here.

If you have any questions regarding the Hub's Audit Services, please contact Sandra Atik: