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Spotlight On: Analysis and Reconciliation
21 March 2019

The objective of the Hub's Analysis and Reconciliation framework is to Identify and recover overpayments on behalf of NHS organisations.

Suppliers appointed to this framework, provide retrospective audit reviews and analysis of core spend and transactions (invoices and payments). From this analysis they identify and recover any overpayments, overcharges or missed opportunities (such as discounts or rebates).

The framework is designed to be resource lite, requiring very little time and involvement from your organisation, and  all suppliers operate on a gainshare ‘no-win-no fee’ basis, meaning your organisation is only required to pay a pre-agreed percentage fee once the supplier has recovered funds.

The framework is split into seven Lots: Telecoms, Energy, Water, VAT, Estates, Accounts Payable and Temporary Staffing. 

Contracting organisations can call-off directly with any of the suppliers appointed on the framework to carry out reviews at the pre-determined framework rates. Alternatively, organisations can conduct a further competition inviting all suppliers to participate within the specific activity lot.

Suppliers take full responsibility for the collection of overpaid funds recoveries. Organisations that have already undertaken previous reviews may choose to undertake further future reviews to maximise potential recovery opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding the Analysis and Reconciliation framework, or would like to discuss how your organisation could engage with the framework, please contact Stephen Evans: