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New Waste Management Services Framework Launched
07 December 2017

A new framework was awarded on the 19th November 2017 and is now available to our members.

This framework has been established to allow public sector organisations to award contracts for waste collection and disposal services, which can either be awarded on a per lot basis or can be awarded as a managed service through Lot 1.

Benefits of the Contract

All suppliers appointed to the framework provide comprehensive and innovative waste solutions and proactively assist Authorities to reduce the quantities of waste sent to landfill and achieve their recycling targets. This is in line with the revised Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 which establish priorities for waste management.

This agreement provides for a comprehensive, OJEU-compliant waste service which meets all of the Authority’s requirements. It also challenges contractors to demonstrate that the majority of the waste it handles is not sent to landfill and utilises the most appropriate and environmentally friendly methodology for treatment and disposal. Contractors provide transparent online reporting systems which identify the final destination for each waste stream, showing whether it has been reused, recycled, recovered (waste-energy) or sent to land fill.

The contract provides solutions that minimise waste to landfill, treats waste as a resource and embraces strategies to reduce miles and its ensuing carbon footprint and cost.

The framework requires suppliers to have a fleet of vehicles, which are at least EUROV-compliant, that have been equipped with GPS tracking and reporting facilities on both the waste collected and the carbon footprint for the collection.

It also encourages Contractors to undertake training, education and road-shows to the Authority's employees to encourage and increase waste awareness.

This framework provides a flexible solution in regard to the changes that may affect both the NHS and the wider public sector during the life of the framework. 

Contract Description

LOT 1     Integrated Waste Management

LOT 2     General Waste & Recycling

LOT 3     Clinical, Hazardous and Radioactive Waste

LOT 4      Confidential Waste


To further promote efficiencies and value for money on a national scale, the new Waste Services framework has been split into seven geographical regions:

REGION A - London

REGION B - North East

REGION C - North West

REGION D - Midlands

REGION E - East of England

REGION F - South East

REGION G - South West

Suppliers awarded onto the framework:

Biffa Waste Services

Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd

Grundon Waste

Sharpsmart Ltd

Skanska Construction Uk Ltd



Tradebe Healthcare Ltd



Bagnall & Morris

Biffa Waste Services

Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd

F&R Cawley

Grundon Waste

Weir Waste Services

Medisort Ltd

Personal Hygiene Services

Data Solutions 2016 Ltd

Shred Station Ltd

Shred-It Ltd

Total Shred

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