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Data at the Hub

The Hub’s Enablement team, which is part of the Support Services, offers internal teams and members help, guidance, and systems to assist in meeting national reporting requirements, and to accurately track and reflect the benefits of Hub membership. Enablement is about developing robust processes using the very latest technologies to support modern ways of working. Our primary goals are to achieve:

Better Efficiencies – using technology to streamline workflows and reduce cost

Greater Insight – providing the tools to understand the shape of the market and its drivers

Most importantly, the Enablement team works to adopt national and global standards within our systems. By utilising and developing coding, classification, and mapping standards across information networks, our primary goals can be better achieved.

The Enablement Insight offering includes:

Collection and Reporting of Management Information – to effectively manage our frameworks across the East of England

Benefits Tracking Reports – personalised reports informing our customers of the range of benefits they receive as a part of their membership

Price Benchmarking – with our analytical approach, we help teams and members find opportunities for price savings

Online Analytics Portal – bringing information together from many different outlets such as NHS Supply Chain, Pharmacy and Prescription spend, we offer a more complete and up to date snapshot of procurement across multiple systems and projects

Procurement Dashboards – by combining our data expertise with procurement category knowledge across the East of England patch, the Hub can scope greater potential for saving

The Enablement Efficiency offering includes:

- Direct involvement with the Department of Health and Social Care and NHSI to understand the scope of national initiatives such as the eProcurement Strategy, Scan4Safety and the Falsified Medicines Directive

- Working with customers to develop plans for better efficiency and improvement of their metrics through training, workshops and working groups

- Provision of enabling tools such as electronic catalogues, sourcing systems and dashboards to improve capabilities

- Understanding global and national standards, such as GS1, and how they drive compliance with national goals

- Actively researching market providers to better understand available technologies and how they can best serve the NHS

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