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Clinical and Non Clinical Procurement and Contract Management

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Aggregated Procurement

The Hub’s core business is the management of Aggregated Collaborative Procurement projects for the benefit of member Trusts.

Typically these projects include high spend or high volume areas where substantial cash savings can be made by aggregating procurement on behalf of a number of stakeholders.

The Hub engages with end users and budget holders in groups to help drive these projects and where there are existing networks in place, the procurement team works with them to achieve common goals.

Our work is based around an agreed workplan, which includes both clinical and non-clinical projects which are relevant to different types of customers - Acutes, CCGs, Community Services and Mental Health Partnerships. The workplan is regularly updated to include new projects which arise out of on-going discussions with stakeholders.

The Hub not only identifies potential savings opportunities but also measures the actual take up and delivered savings, so Trusts know how much they have saved as a result of each project.

Contract management

As well as developing new savings initiatives on behalf of stakeholders, the Hub has a portfolio of existing frameworks and contacts in place.

These contracts require regular attention in terms of supplier management to ensure they continue to offer benefits to customers and the Hub engages with stakeholders and suppliers to ensure that the contracts continue to perform.

As each contract expires, the projects are added to the rolling workplan and the Hub reassesses the procurement options in the light of any changing market conditions. A new strategy is agreed and the project continues following engagement with stakeholders to ensure the contracts continue to meet their requirements.

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