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Welcome to the homecare medicines services pages of the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub (EoECPH) website. These pages are intended to:

  • support EoECPH member trusts to manage their homecare services appropriately
  • promote the work undertaken within the East of England as an exemplar region
  • share learning and best practice
  • provide information for use by a wide scope of interested parties to the homecare medicines market.

To support these aims much of these webpages and associated resources are open to the public domain. Some information / documentation is available to members of the EoECPH pharmacy model only and can be found behind the pharmacy login page.

If you are an EoECPH pharmacy member and do not have a pharmacy login, please contact

Homecare in the East of England

The EoECPH has been supporting local member trusts to manage their homecare services for many years since it’s addition to the hub pharmacy workplan in 2007. The breadth and depth of the category support the EoECPH has been able to provide for our members has expanded significantly over time and we now host a dedicated full time regional resource. We have a history of good engagement with stakeholders and a culture of shared working toward a common goal of improved patient safety and patient experience.

Further information can be found on subsequent pages of this website or if you have a specific question feel free to contact

Homecare Sitemap

Homecare Medicines Services (This page)

What are Homecare Medicines Services?

National Homecare Medicines Services Management

Centralised Homecare Governance Model

Homecare Sourcing Group

Contracting of Homecare Medicines Services

Homecare Provider Service Review Meetings

Homecare Medicines Policy

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

Generic Prescribing within Homecare Medicines Services

Patient Access Schemes in Homecare Medicines Services

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Further Information is available to EoECPH member trusts behind the Pharmacy Login Page

Recent News

Re-launch of EoECPH Pharmacy Homecare Webpages

We have revamped the homecare pages of our website to provide our member trusts with a helpful portal for all outputs of the East of England Centralised Governance Model, sharing of best practice and useful information as well as actively promoting our work to NHS colleagues, Pharma, Homecare Providers and members of the public.

The majority of information is publicly available with access to additional resources for EoECPH member trusts via the pharmacy login page.

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